Reblog or like if you have a full-time, non-fitness related job (I’m talking 10+ hours a day) and consider yourself to be elite-level fit. I just don’t know if it’s possible.

That constant battle between wanting to follow fit chicks for motivation while simultaneously wanting to unfollow them because they constantly remind you of how you don’t look.


Is it just me, or does the discourse in the powerlifting and bodybuilding community have the same effect on lifters’ perception of “strong” or “jacked” that photoshopping or airbrushing has on womens’ perception of beauty?

Here’s a newsflash: for the general public, a 225 bench and 315 squat are pretty darn strong for a male, and a 95 bench and 185 squat are pretty darn strong for a female.
Pick a commercial gym at random. You’ll find MAYBE 3-5 people who lift those weights out of hundreds of total members.
Sure, most of them aren’t training for pure strength, but I’d wager that if they were, most of them would still fall short of those standards.


-Greg Nuckols (via FB)

Sometimes I forget that I’m actually strong because spend so much time comparing myself to people who are so much stronger than me.  I need to take more time recognizing my accomplishments.

(via icanbenchyou)

Easy to forget.